View Full Version : seriously love the game but having doubts.

23-05-2015, 14:14
Is there anyone out there who is having a simile issue....... I can be playing the game one night and switch it off as normal. Yet when I switch on the Xbox One the next day and try to get on the game it is still on the same race and you can't do nothing with the controller. I have reset the computer and still had the same problem. I have ejected the disk numerous times and still have the issue of the loading screen doing nothing. I have even un installed and reistalation and still have the same issue. The shop I got it from has offered to swap my copy for a new one to see if that works. If not I am seriously contemplating jumping ship to Forza and don't want to just yet.

23-05-2015, 21:59
Haven't come across this myself do you quit the game properly so as the next time you turn on your console you start the game from the beginning so that it has to load up?