View Full Version : Urgent SETUP for BMW M3, GT5 Championship!

23-05-2015, 14:16
I started the Championship "GT5" with a BMW M3 but it is absolutely impossible to ride... Game with the pad on a PS4.
Could someone give me a "general" setup, for this car, and the circuit of Snetterton?
I would at least be able to ride without leaving the track, the BMW M3 is too nervous and I can not get past the eighth fastest time in free practice...

23-05-2015, 14:20
Try setting the pad up in options, theres loads of advice about it. Speed sensitivity is the culprit as the games meant to be used with a wheel. Once the panics over you'll find it's a mint game on a pad, utterly amazing game.

23-05-2015, 14:30
Mint Game? Could you explain? In Italian you do not understand much ... What do you want to say sorry? That Project Cars with Joipad is unplayable? Meanwhile, I'm going crazy and I could use the setup for the BMW M3, if you can help me ..

23-05-2015, 20:56

try this first

then get some laps in and see if it needs more tuning

24-05-2015, 05:24
I do not care settings pad!
I asked, if someone wants to give it to me, the SETUP car BMW M3 in GT5 championship, circuit Snetterton!
I've been clear?
The pads have already set up properly!
Thank you.

24-05-2015, 06:11
Default is the average drivable setup. If you want it 'less nervous', but with similar overall balance, try reducing all the following by, say, 2 clicks then see how it feels - front and rear - springs, antiroll bars, all shock settings. Just remember there is no particular setup that will suit all drivers but the default is a good starting point.