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23-05-2015, 18:08
Let me start by saying that I LOVE this game. Yes, there are a few issues (already covered and told that the fixes will come with time). I still love it despite those issues. That means that all the people who are going to tell me how "poor" the game is don't need to bother.

I had a very strange glitch and wondering if anyone else has had it?
I'm racing with a thrustmaster tx on auto shift. Was on career mode, racing formula rookie. Got invited to race the ford escorts (great addition btw). Car changes from 4th-5th suddenly redlining but no acceleration. Gear showing 5th. I slow down back to 4th, accelerate and exactly the same thing. So I exit and restart still there. Switch to manual still there.
I then tried solo race, no problems manual or auto. So I skip the event, move on to next one racing the Mercedes touring car. Exactly the same thing as soon as it changes out of 4th, wether to 5th or 6th it just bounces off the limiter. Worse, kicks the back out on the merc and sends it into a spin if you keep the throttle down. Almost as if you have the clutch in, but power still going to wheels. (If that makes sense? Though I know it doesn't) Just skips the revs in between and jumps straight to red.
So I skip that event, enter next formula rookie event and suddenly no problem. All seems sorted. Not sure if it's a freak thing or if others are experiencing and devs need to check?

27-05-2015, 18:59
Hi there

At first, I have to admit, that Im not a native english speaker, please excuse some mistakes. :)

I have exactly the same problem. There is absolutely no information on the internet, I felt just like you.
Im also in career mode. I came from the GT3 class to the world endurance championships. The main events, the wec races are great and there are no problems. But some of the special events, the invitation races, are almost unplayable. It first started with the historic touring cars, I dont know the name right now, there is a BMW, a Ford and a Mercedes-Benz. It was a small series of about 5 races and I choose the BMW. It was the first time for me to drive that car, but I knew that something is wrong. I was able to finish the races but it was very hard, too hard.

Some days ago, I started into the "Historic C1 Euro Cup" which features one of my favourite cars, the MB Sauber C9. The car is capable of speeds around 320km/h (198mph), with special settings and modifications even 400km/h. The glitch occurs in every gear but only in that particular situation. It accelerates very fast and I have to shift extremly quick. When I reach the 5th gear, its over. 217km/h (135mph) is maximum speed, its the limiter. The glitch also produces a lot of engine damage, longer races are impossible. The touring cars were still ok but with the Sauber C9 its terrible. Restarting Pcars or the pc has no effect. In free practice mode the car has no problem. Im always shifting semiauto with my Logitech Momo Racing USB. Im using the Pcars Profiler by Tom Shane and Fanaleds to steer the LEDs of the wheel. I dont know how to solve the problem. Unfortunately, I cant go on in the career mode like that.


Best regards from Germany

27-05-2015, 19:05
I have found that the default gearing sometimes has two gears at the same ratio. Once I set the ratios correctly, the shifting behaved normally.

FTR Pinkman
27-05-2015, 20:23
I had the same issue, return to pits check the final drive setting its probably set at full acceleration. Unless you have tuned your ride press y to reset to default else slide to middle for balance between acc and top speed. Hope this helps.

27-05-2015, 20:47
I have found that the default gearing sometimes has two gears at the same ratio. Once I set the ratios correctly, the shifting behaved normally.

That would definitely explain his problem. I wonder if this is what's happening?