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23-05-2015, 18:29
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone will be watching the Blancpain Endurance race at Silverstone this weekend?

Live stream is free and online via website or app. I like to pay close attention to driving lines and lap times, I'm always trying to get as close as I can to them.

Who's going to win? The new Lambo Huracan looks hard to beat and Im always cheering on The Nissan GTR's

HLR Ghosty
23-05-2015, 18:35
I will be, would like to see how the huracan does after dominating in Monza.

23-05-2015, 20:29
I will definitely be watching. Also the Huracan get DQ'd though so there is that.

23-05-2015, 23:16
Just did some hot laps round Silverstone GP I'm 534th on leaderboard but I would of pre-qualified 53rd I'll take that "now where is my HANS device"

24-05-2015, 08:09
Latest result from the pre-qualifying session


Final qualifying session live now!

Rob Prange
24-05-2015, 15:43
Turned into the Blancpain discussion thread.

For the sake of keeping this forum neat & tidy, please stick to one main topic per game/racing series/ etc.

24-05-2015, 15:46
Thanks for the clarification.

Race has an hour to looks like they might get rain, huge black cloud over the track. That will spice things up McLaren currently leading

24-05-2015, 17:20
Turned out to be no rain, Great first ever win for Von Ryan Racing

24-05-2015, 22:25
Missed the race on Motors TV. No replay in the next week, so will have to wait for their Youtube video.

24-05-2015, 22:27
The replay videos are normally fairly fast. Worth watching unlike F1

03-06-2015, 12:07
I went to the race and took my brother who's not into any sort of Motorsport at all. After watching 60 odd GT3 cars for three hours he left with a massive grin on his face and already wants to go next year.

03-06-2015, 17:29
I went to the race and took my brother who's not into any sort of Motorsport at all. After watching 60 odd GT3 cars for three hours he left with a massive grin on his face and already wants to go next year.

Great news! He'll be driving GT3 on PCARS and going to Le Mans next.

Yannick Willame
04-06-2015, 19:19
How about this weekend race @ Zolder?


I got my ticket and can't wait to get there.

See you there!

Edit: ok this not endurance, but didn't want to open a new thread for the Blancpain sprint series

04-06-2015, 19:32
I agree that there doesnt need to be two threads, but I wish I could go. Alas, Belgium is too far for us Americans. Haha We get PWC though.

04-06-2015, 20:07
Yep looking forward to the races as always, always handy for driving lines and braking points ;)

Races should be good as always full on attack GT3

06-06-2015, 11:46
Lauren Vanthoors pole lap at Zolder this weekend, useful for learning the track


mister dog
06-06-2015, 13:02
I believe the fastest time in the community event is a 1:26? Not far of reality seeing we don't have the added pressure of G-forces, Accidents or Screwing up the car :)

07-06-2015, 14:28
Hey everyone!

Just watched the race at Zolder and really liked it.
I'm new to this series but trying to get into it and l must say Jesus Christ! Project Cars has done an incredible job with reproducing the sounds of the cars, damn! l knew the sounds were awesome, but l didnt know they were THAT authentic :D

I would like know to some things:

1) Why is there such a big gap between some of the cars? For example the Jaguar always seems to be at the back of the field, together with the Ferrari. Is it a regulation thing? Or was it just due to the layout of the track?

2) What does the Series gain from broadcasting it on a livestream? Its awesome, dont get me wrong (the quality is fantastic too), but what was the thinking process behind it? And do you guys think that this will be a thing in the future for other racing series too?

3) What happened to the cute little Ginetta cars? :(

07-06-2015, 18:06
I'll try to answer for you

1. it could be a number of factors, cars are older, drivers and "Balance of performance" (BoP) a way to restrict faster cars so they all have a chance, it's a complicated process. Other factors like setup and teams too.

2. Without live streaming many don't know of it or see it, it's a way of gaining an audience/fans

3. the Ginetta is only homogalted for domestic use (UK) howere there are one or two in Australia but I'd imagine they are homologated by the Australian motorsport association??? They are not able to run SRO(Blancpain series)

hope that helps

07-06-2015, 20:11
So, the Ginettas raced at the Brands Hatch event a few weeks ago?
Would love to see them one day :)

07-06-2015, 22:07
No they can only compete in British GT championship or other UK run series (GT Cup/Britcar etc...)

If you want to see one, british got is your best bet

17-06-2015, 21:17
Laurens Vanthoor is a fantastic driver, he could probably do a decent job in F1. His style is so flowing, so mature for such a young bloke, and he's seemed to come out of nowhere to be the outstanding GT driver of the last two or three years. Teamed with Robin Frijns, who's ben very successful in junior single seaters, I can't see a better lineup anywhere.

20-06-2015, 14:34
Settling down for the day into night race at Paul Ricard ;) 6 hours of GT3 bliss :)

20-06-2015, 14:55
That's an awesomely big grid ...

20-06-2015, 14:59
It's pretty damn cool, especially considering they are all the same class :)

mister dog
20-06-2015, 15:38
That's an awesomely big grid ...

I wonder if it isn't too much, 60 cars fit on a track the size of Le Mans, but on the regular circuits it reminds me of a traffic jam almost.

20-06-2015, 16:12
It's only really a problem for the start, it soon settles down after that...

I did read somewhere they are at the maximum number of cars for the Spa 24 hours, from a facilities point of view anyway.

21-06-2015, 09:39
Hey guys,
when will the race start? :)

21-06-2015, 09:40
Yesterday ;-)

21-06-2015, 09:47
Yesterday ;-)


21-06-2015, 09:52
BUT ADAC Gt Masters@Spa is going to start in about 10 minutes (Sport1) :-)

21-06-2015, 10:08
Thanks :)
So much racing today, GP2, Porsche Supercup, WTCC, F1.
I dont know what to watch :topsy_turvy:

22-06-2015, 11:37
The drive from the #46 BMW was seriously impressive! starting from the pit lane to finish on the podium in a 60 car field :o Still on the lead lap and chasing the others down as well :)

The Bentley chasing down the Nissan at the end of the race was exciting stuff as was its fight with the BMW mid race :)

Track limits were comical at times with drivers being given permission to use areas the wide open run off areas for racing, I do question this aspect of the race!