View Full Version : Not saving my tunes in practice when i go back to pit

23-05-2015, 19:09
This has happened for me alot now, and wonder if theres a fix, or this is how to should be.

Everytime in practice rounds when im tuning and go back to the pitbox, it has not saved the last tunes i did.

So when i go to the track i can feel a difference if i adjust my tires for example, but as soon as i click back to pit box, its all back to standard settings... This is only when tuning the car, forcefeedback settings is actually saved properly...

anyone else having this ?

23-05-2015, 19:43
Well, kind of similar issue: tunings done during Practice are not carried over to Qualifying as well...
Experienced this in Formula Rookie - Carrier mode.
I guess is one ticket for the dev to look into...

23-05-2015, 20:50
finally more people sharing my *****$*#^&#@&#(@# frustrations on settings/ setups of vehicles and what i have been saying all along! also have not been able to do any setup changes JUST BEFORE race, after practice and qualifying, no way to make changes before race starts! have you noticed this? - thanks you two - IDinity (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/member.php?100572-IDinity) and PureMalt77


23-05-2015, 22:37
I do have the impression that changes done in Qualifying are taken to the race, just not in practice. And regarding now allowing changes just before the race, perhaps they are copying F1 rules! ;)

23-05-2015, 23:44
yeah maybe F1 rules lol but everything else is in its own class rules, would be surprised, although at this point nothing is impossible...mine does not stay in changing sessions, but again might be this user is to dumb for this game.

24-05-2015, 06:47
Happens to me a lot. Very annoying. Also, even if I saved my settings to all tracks, it would often default to a messed up setting once in the session.

24-05-2015, 19:29
here is my question to you guys, how and where best to make changes to setup to apply and carry over or possible to take effect for race? i seem not to be able to do this anymore?!?! weird...!??!