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23-05-2015, 19:10
Thought I'd post this on the general forum. I'm looking for some tips regarding the Becketts, Maggots and Chapel complex of Silverstone. For the purpose of this thread the advice is assumed for Formula A, but i'm hoping to take any pointers accross the board. I've been rubbish, in my own eyes through this complex of corners at Silverstone and would like to hear others approach.

My normal attack is:

take the left as flat as can be,

then change down one (maybe two car dependant) for the right hander,

then the left down two with quite a bit of brake

and then totally bugger up Chapel most likely under steering or going to slow for a clean exit.

Any help appreciated.

N0body Of The Goat
23-05-2015, 20:16
Change down through the gears approaching corners, one gear per corner, so you end up exiting the complex in 4th gear at ~180+kph. ;)

23-05-2015, 23:19
Haven't driven formula A round Silverstone yet but for GT it's

Flat-4th-3rd-2nd (McLaren GT3)

It's a technical circuit I find it hard to get a perfect lap

25-05-2015, 07:37
I also don't get enough speed out of chappels complex. I can't get a feel if second or third gear is best. Sometimes I get out of Beckets fast enough to stay in third, sometimes it doesn't want to work (GT3 cars)

N0body Of The Goat
25-05-2015, 07:51
In GT3 cars, exiting the whole complex at ~135kph is pretty reasonable, right on the crossover point for 2nd/3rd gear for some of them like the BMW M3 GT.

You will probably need to shift down a gear (lose some speed) earlier in this class, somewhere around the first kink right.

25-05-2015, 10:09
I run high downforce for Silverstone.
Flat left, lift and downshift at maggots right, kiss the brakes and downshift at becketts going left, brake again downshift for the right (3rd/4th depending on your ratios), wait for the car to steady then power out from the chapel apex.
Sometimes I feel when I get on the brakes early for the tight right before chapel, the car is more steady approaching the last left kink but that area of the track feels slippery so I struggle to get on the power early.

PS I run over the Maggots curb but stay off the rest.