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23-05-2015, 22:05
Hello there!

I'm new to the forum and thought that before I started creating threads and asking questions, I should introduce myself! I'm an Australian currently very much enjoying Project CARS on my XBOX 1. I've spent the last week browsing these forums, and for the most part, they seem like a happy and supportive place! So that's nice to see for an online forum :).

Now onto my question:

I'm wondering if there's anyway to predict the weather, besides the 'forecast' that's shown at the start of the session. The weather has given me trouble more that once! I'll be qualifying in the rain and then it lets up for a lap and the track dries, so I come in for slicks. JUST as I'm pulling out of the garage, drops start appearing on my windscreen again. I thought I'd learn from this mistake, and when I was driving the following race, the rain let up around lap 3. I thought to myself, "if I come in for slicks, it'll surely start to rain again!" It did not, and I proceeded to drive an almost entirely dry race on my rain tyres.

Is there anyway to see predicted weather throughout the race? I remember on the old game Grand Prix 4, there was a weather predictor that would show predicted changes throughout the day. Something like this, or a message from the engineer (even just text) would really be nice as there seems to be no way of knowing what the weather will do at any given moment.

Or have I missed something obvious?

I should say that aside from this and a couple of minor issues, I'm loving the game.

23-05-2015, 22:07
Good question. That's happened to me to. We both should have stayed in the track longer in the wets, LOL!

23-05-2015, 22:19
i dont believe you have missed anything; this is something that is hopefully a 'high priority, 2nd tier' fix (ie nothing game breaking but needs to be patched ASAP otherwise)

24-05-2015, 05:38
Does anyone currently working on Project CARS have any info on this? Will this be patched in at some point?

24-05-2015, 10:51
In my experience if there's a chance of rain, it's better to use wet tyres in the dry than slicks in the wet.

24-05-2015, 11:11
Yep same here, wets in the dry are ok, slicks in the wet are shocking!

24-05-2015, 11:46
there seems to be no way of knowing what the weather will do at any given moment.

Welcome to England! :)

No, but seriously, maybe they could hang some seaweed from the rearview mirror for you to check?