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23-05-2015, 22:57
So I'm sure everyone is aware of Real settings for ABS, TC and SC, since there is an option to turn them off using a hotkey, anyone know whether they will be implementing any indicators on the cockpit HUD that would indicate you've turned off the assists manually. cause sometimes if it's good weather i'd like to turn off TC on the fly for example but I would not be sure if I did.

People have said you can see this on the digital MOTEC display in external view, but I didn't notice it myself, didn't see any changes on that when I tried. Any info of maybe something about this to be added in the next patch?

Roger Prynne
23-05-2015, 23:01
It will be in the on board motec at some stage and yes you can see them in an external view.

Old pic when we were testing the pit crews

When you enable/disable they will appear/disappear.


23-05-2015, 23:05
any idea if they will be implementing them in cockpit HUD view? as small icons, since i use cockpit view, and you do not get the "digital" motec in that, and for vehicles that have MOTEC I think they should be displayed on the wheel's MOTEC in-car

Roger Prynne
23-05-2015, 23:07
Quoting myself...

It will be in the on board motec at some stage

cockpit HUD view

23-05-2015, 23:09
ahhh my bad Roger! I missed that, too tired hehe , cheers can't wait to get it then! :)