View Full Version : Career Mode broken or am I missing something?

23-05-2015, 23:52
Hi guys I'm new here and new to racing Sims in general.
Playing the game on ps4 with the thrustmaster t300 rs.
Loving the game but I'm having issues with the career mode.
Can anyone explain to me why some races on the calendar have no practice or qualifying sessions ? They put you on the starting grid sometimes in the middle of the pack and sometimes last?!?!
I'm playing the formula b championship at the moment and since I'm new I'm playing on 60% AI no assists and no damage till I start cranking the AI up as I get better.
The problem is playing the Azure track and starting in last position.. Its impossible to come from last to pole position unless I tone the AI down to zero and just nudge my way through. This is no fun at all!
Any help would be much appreciated.

24-05-2015, 00:07
Yes, your'e missing the fact that broken means you can't use it. If it was broken you should not been able to play the career at all. The issue that you don't like it or that you feel it's not fun, does not mean it's broken. If you refrase your question I'm sure you will get more help from others.

24-05-2015, 00:30
Mate all I'm saying is there's some races they put you in last place without the practice or the qualifying...can you help out? Did I do something in the options?