View Full Version : Small issues with 'Today's Events' layout & prompts

Leroy Peterson
24-05-2015, 02:49
Been playing pCars for a few weeks and really enjoying it. great game.

Something that has bothering me the entire career mode is the lack of info displayed prior to starting an event.

1) track info. So far it only shows the flag/emblem of the track, not the selected layout or even the name of the track sometimes. Not everyone is familiar with all the track logos.
Suggestion: even plain text below the logo to say the full track name would be a huge help. the same name as when selecting a track in practice mode

2) selected car. I've made the mistake a few times entering a race or series and not being aware I had a choice of cars (especially when you receive an email from a club team offering you to join, so i assume you're stuck with their car).
Suggestion: disabling the default car option and forcing the player to pick a car. or maybe even a prompt after clicking enter the race saying 'please select a car'? or better yet, show selected car next to the lock symbol (see image below)

3) session length. having to scroll across practice/qual/race screens to see how the slider affects each session. practice and qualifying can easily be skipped once started, i imagine most people would choose based on race laps.
Suggestion: showing race laps or even practice/qual/race length next to the slider on each screen.

4) skipping straight to the race. similar to the issue above, scrolling to the race session to see number of laps and then clicking enter by mistake (because the different sessions look the same) is frustrating. Starting last is a huge penalty for making a minor, irreversible mistake.
Suggestion: a prompt confirming you want to skip practice and qualifying.

I know constant prompts can get annoying, but I find making the same mistakes multiple times due to assumptions or minor mistakes is a lot more frustrating.
The UI overall is pretty good (anything is better than Gran Turismo), I hope these suggestions contribute to making the game better rather than being nit-picky like most of the suggestions in this forum.

What car am i entering the race with?
Is this the GP, club or National layout of Catalunya?