View Full Version : Current and next lap times invalidated issue

24-05-2015, 07:24
As an aside to the threads I am seeing about incorrect track limits, I thought I'd inquire about something related and see if anyone else is having the same experience.

I can of course accept my current time being invalidated if I'm off track. I can also accept my next time being invalidated if I go off somewhere around the last corner of the circuit. But on some tracks, you can go off WAY before the last corner and still have your time invalidated, which can lead to some really frustrating moments. At Mount Panorama (Bathurst) for instance, If you run off the track on the second last corner at the end of Conrod Straight (the long back straight), your next lap time is invalidated. This makes no sense as there is still a tight left hander that has to be taken at a slow pace before the end of the lap. My point being that my being off the track has in no way impacted on my entry speed for my next lap.

Has anyone else been finding this? Is this present on any other tracks?

Most importantly, are SMS and WMD aware of it and do they have plans to adjust it?


24-05-2015, 09:48
I cannot agree with you more... there are FAR too many bugs to prioritize but this is WAY up there! so ANNOYING!!

24-05-2015, 10:00
I don't know, but this might just be the rules as in real life?