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24-05-2015, 08:14
For full details on what we have to offer, checkout www.matsuoracing.com

We are a clean racing community with organised events and lots of features to offer on and off the track.

Fast approaching 300 members
Forum and chat room for members to chat and organise lobbies
Scheduled race sessions by official race hosts (Every Night)
A team of guys running the site we now have 11 Team leaders who organise stuff every night and weekends
3 weekly tournaments with leaderboards hosted Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday Evenings
A mature fun player base with the average member age being around 30-40
All skill levels welcome as long as you race clean
FREE to join always for our fun evening lobbies
OPTIONAL premium features unlocked after a small donation

Don't just take my word for it. A couple member reviews below

"I've been a part of matsuoracing since its very beginning and it's the best community I've ever been involved with. Online racing has never been so enjoyable and it's the people I meet here that make It more special. I enjoy racing online now soo much my single player career is still on hold!" - Superfungus10

"I joined MatsuoRacing because I was pretty much fed up with the public lobbies. What I found here? Clean, regular and competitive races with a nice and fair community. A professional website with a chat function and a forum. This makes the communication and the planning for races so easy. Tournaments for the extra thrill. Organized lobbies with dedicated hosts every night and so on. If you want to survive the first corner you have to join us." - medse87

Congratulations to the Midweek Masters Podium Winners


View full results here (http://www.matsuoracing.com/2015/06/11/midweek-masters-0002/)

If you want to take part in our next events checkout our Event Calendar here (http://www.matsuoracing.com/pit-crew/event-calendar/) (Pit Crew Only)

The MTTC Series is now fully booked and starts on 07/07/2015

The next Event still open for registration is the Le Mans Series and starts on 16/07/2015

Some great bumper to bumper Action

Pad vs Wheel (BMW vs Merc)


Rob Prange
24-05-2015, 16:22
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