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24-05-2015, 09:00
Well ive had loads of issues with this game all mostly in career mode. The worst were the fuel levels in the GT3 Mclaren, not being able to move onto the next event without abandoning season and starting again, and lastly FFB totally disappears after using sleep mode.

Well a few days ago I deleted the game and re-installed and this does appear to solve a lot of the issues (bad install I seem to recall a power outage when it was down loading from PSN) so fuel issue is solved and so is next event in career mode.

Now the good side of this game, Since the re-install I have done 3 of the 6 events in the endurance world championships. It is a multi class event with GT4 cars GT3 cars (i'm in GT3) LMP2 prototype and LMP1 prototype 1st event I won quite easily so decided to lower the performance a little thus hopefully giving me a good battle with the LMP2 cars that usually lap me. This work fantastic in the 24 hour Le Mans (Reduced to 12hr I will do the full 24hour when I'm in the LMP1 class) I had the best racing i've ever had in any game career mode to date. Obviously on the long straights I was struggling but made up enough time thru corners to be competitive with the LMP2 cars.

Finally I have just done the full 6 hr Road America event with the same settings and as there isn't many places for both LMP classes to utilize their superior speed I found with good pit strategy I was able to not only beat the LMP2 cars but get in with the LMP1 back runners. Having my best race so far.

3 more events left for this series next up is Sakito and i'm not to good on this track.

Still that was a good race but this game has so many High's and then your Dumped into its Low side with all the bugs.

Find a race thats relatively bug free its fantastic, but find another event and its full of bugs then it make very annoyed and not wanting to continue.