View Full Version : More career problems

24-05-2015, 12:00
Well I thought I was over the bugs in career mode but not so. Ive got to race the Historic GT4 M1 Procar challenge, Great I thought so entered into this 1st round and at Spa, so I went into setup in my garage 1st before entering the events and set car up to how I want it at Spa, Quess what ?? It doesn't save them when you enter the event, No problem I can reset in the pits and duly did so. Fine through practice 1 and 2 but when qualifying came it had reverted back to default settings again i've reset it in pit but lost valuable qualifying time.

So onto the race event itself and yes you've guessed it, back to default settings.

This cars default gear ratios are no good round Spa.

And I am getting rather annoyed at what seems like every event I do has major bugs in it.

Where is all the "cleaning up bugs and Polishing" as quoted by SMS because of the delays in release ?? I suspect they only cleaned up the bugs and polished for the PC version as this is getting beyond a joke for us console players

This has the potential to be the very best of racing games release but all these bugs aint doing SMS any favours here.

I dare not start another event for fear of not being able to complete it.