View Full Version : Just served up some street justice...

24-05-2015, 15:06
Let me preface this by saying, so far, public online races have been a nightmare for me. Can't get through the first turn without at least half the grid wrecking. Only takes one jerk to make it happen. This isn't really the fault of the developer either, just speaks to human nature and how destructive and attention starved some of us are. Private races with people from this community have been fantastic and i can't believe how well the online races run for a game that just launched!

So just now there was a guy who took two of us down intentionally, yet couldn't drive to save his life. Full damage on, me and this other guy catch up to said wise guy and absolutely ANNIHILATE his vehicle. Completely wrecked, couldn't even move. Of course I had engine failure about a 1/4 mile up, but I got my revenge. We were the last 3 cars out of 15 so this didn't affect the race.

I feel better now.

Martini Da Gasalini
24-05-2015, 17:02
lololol, NY style street justice :)

24-05-2015, 18:53
Haha. I have noticed being the only or last one still left on track with a working car can be the equivalent of a win around here. Lotta clowns, few racers & a meager online lobby system means short online presence for this title? Probably! Good luck pushing season passes & dlc in a month.

24-05-2015, 19:40
Haha nice justice. I don't normally do stuff like this but about 10 years ago playing GPL online and I was having an epic race at Monza. Full grid and I had worked my way up into the lead. What was impressive was I was in the BRM so beating all the faster cars. I was looking at getting my first online win in the BRM and so driving very carefully. As I was on the last lap, I came up to lap one of the quick guys. He was having having a bad race but was generally always much faster than me on the occasions when we had raced together before. You get to know certain names through the community and so get to know how good they are.

Anyway, on the back straight, as I passed him, he rammed me and totally destroyed my car, costing me the win. I was furious but he just laughed. I asked why did he do that and just said he was bored and felt like it. Well, I told him what I thought but made sure I gave a few comments so he could rememember the event.

Anyway, 3 months passed and we had some races together previously but I waited until a good race and one that he was going to win, and off course, at Monza, when I was in the BRM. I got my revenge at the same spot. Naturally he went mental but I just said, remember 3 months ago and quoted the few reminders. He suddenly remembered and so, I told him, I was bored and just felt like it hahaha

Never done anything like it since but he just mad me so mad, especially as he was one of the quick guys and just ruined my race on purpose.