View Full Version : New (To Me) Career Bugs

24-05-2015, 16:49
Not moaning - just passing on info to the dev in the hope they can fix.

Career mode, GT3 US Trophy, last round at Road America. Dry, clear conditions.

Set a pole time in Q1, the session just 'ended', even though I don't think time was up. (Which is another gripe - I wish you could finish the hot lap you are on when the time reaches 00:00).

Advanced to Q2 (is 2 quali sessions one of the format's rules? If not, I wish there was just one, but if so, OK.) with less than a minute remaining in that session - that's not even enough time to do an out lap, let alone set a time! Needless to say, I started the race in last place.

My first epic attempt was ruined by the dreaded lock-to-lock known issue, but an unexpected loss of grip on the second attempt caught me out. Does the game model change in surface grip, like an oil spill?

Anyway, right before the end of the race, I was told I had the fastest lap :) But on the post race podium screens, it listed some other dude as faster lap in race 2 - with a lap time nearly 40 seconds quicker than mine! I might not be a god at this game, but I don't think this is possible.

Please fix, there is so much amazing about this game that these problems overshadow.



24-05-2015, 18:03
The first issues about not being able to finish your lap, sometimes that happens to me and sometimes i do get to finish the lap, i dont know how it all works.

Second issue ive had also with the session time being too short to even start a lap, let alone finish, when i raised the issue the reply i was told was that it is being looked into.

Loss of grip issue isnt an error and i don't think oil spills are modelled into the game, sometimes if you take a kerb at the wrong angle or too fast you can spin.

Lock to lock issue, im sure your aware is being fixed but there are work arounds, have you tried them?

Final point about the laptime, it happens to me regularly in game, mainly practice sessions but its being fixed.