View Full Version : The Big QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Thread

24-05-2015, 17:47
There are alot of small questions popping up that don't by themselves feel justified to start a new thread about so this thread can be used to pose those type of quick questions. Hopefully it can be a interesting place to come to learn random stuff about the game as well as getting answers from the community.

I wonder if/why it's not possible to skip an event? Option is greyed out in career race. Right now it seems like it has to be simulated to the end if I don't want to drive through it all. "Exit" puts me back before the event.

24-05-2015, 18:24
What's up with the pit exit @ Spa? Before I have control of the wheel, the car smacks the wall on the left side. Is there a option to uncheck - start the practice lap with damage?

24-05-2015, 18:59
There aren't any threads on small topics? lol

25-05-2015, 08:15
There aren't any threads on small topics? lol
I searched and couldn't find a suitable one. Which one where you thinking of? No need for this thread if there is already an existing thread for the same thing.

nomen nescio
25-05-2015, 09:31