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24-05-2015, 17:49
Hi there - so I've bought a 458 steering wheel and a wheelstand pro - really enjoying the game with this setup, but, the only thing is my seat, which is just an IKEA recliner thing which really isn't comfortable as the back isn't supportive enough - apart from buying a proper racing seat, what are the alternatives you guys are using? Starting to think I should have bought a Playseat now, but, want to utilise the wheel stand now I've invested in it... thank you guys

24-05-2015, 18:02
I use a seat from a 280z. I have it bolted to my GTR frame, but I used to have it mounted on a 2x4 frame. Cost $50 at JY, and its extremely comfortable. My other rig has a cheapo racing seat and it sucks.