View Full Version : Has anyone got a good set up for the Evo?

24-05-2015, 17:58
Need a set up for the Evo. Struggling so far to find something that works. Cheers.

24-05-2015, 19:23
Would be great, yes.

Rift Racer
25-05-2015, 00:18
Would be great, yes.

What track? Kinda makes all the difference....

I'd start with moving brake bias a bit more rear, as it seems to want to understeer on corner entry, then making the steering ratio faster, as I found you really need to turn the wheel to get it to turn in.

Spiny Anteater
25-05-2015, 07:48
As said above, the track you require it for will make a different, and it may be that the platform you're running affects things as well.

The below is what works for me at California Highway, so more for the bumpier, twistier tracks than the open ones (tuned on Section 1 on the Xbox). I can't promise perfection, but this works for me:

Tyre & Brakes
Compound: Automatic by Weather
F/L & R Tyre Pressure: 2.12 Bar
R/L & R Tyre Pressure: 2.10 Bar
Brake Pressure: 87%
Brake Balance: 57%

F/L & R Camber: -1.5deg
R/L & R Camber: -1.1deg
Front Toe: 0deg
Rear Toe: 0.1deg

F/L & R Spring Rate: 84 N/mm
R/L & R Spring Rate: 64 N/mm
Front Sway Bar: 64 N/mm
Rear Sway Bar: 36 N/mm

Front & Rear L&R Bump Stop: 0mm (Far left)
F/L & R Slow Bump: 3600 N/m/s
R/L & R Slow Bump: 3400 N/m/s
F/L & R Slow Rebound: 14,750 N/m/s
R/L & R Slow Rebound: 7200 N/m/s
F/L & R Fast Rebound: 9250 N/m/s
R/L & R Fast Rebound: 3800 N/m/s

1st: 2.89
2nd: 1.95
3rd: 1.44
4th: 1.09
5th: 0.76

At the very least, it should hopefully be a starting point, then it'll be a case of trying to identify what you don't like about it and following the in-game help to try to get it dialed in as you like it.

25-05-2015, 08:45
My FQ400 setup summary screen shot is on here on a lotus turbo thread some guy started. It goes around most tracks. She likes to be taken by the scruff of the neck lol and thrown down the road!