View Full Version : Mclaren 12c gt3 bottoming out at spa

Jimbo Jones
24-05-2015, 20:32
Cant get the 12c through eau rouge with out bottoming out, max ride height, stiff springs, minimum aero, what am i doing wrong?

Srt8 300c
24-05-2015, 22:58
Look into bump.and rebound and have a tinker there.

Jens Schmitt
25-05-2015, 06:38
And the bump stops so that the springs are not getting max down

Jimbo Jones
25-05-2015, 10:13
Reduced the bottoming effect so i can get round rouge flat out without hammering into the wall or spinning out of control, guess you just cant stop it bottoming out 100%

25-05-2015, 10:35
You wont stop it bottoming out, you can help it but its always going to bottom out.