View Full Version : [RESOLVED] High Speed Steering Issues

24-05-2015, 21:17
I'm having steering issues in the Mclaren 12C GT3, As soon as I reach high speeds it won't steer, just goes straight so when I slow down a lot in order to turn slightly I get overtaken by all the AI cars. I'm currently on season 4 in my career on round 2 of the GT3 US Trophy at Watkins Glen and I haven't had any issues until now. If anyone can help with this issue I would be greatful of any tips on how to rectify this! 😕

24-05-2015, 21:22
Go to the main menu, press Options > Options & Help > press the down directional button (Controls) press R1 (Configuration). What is your Speed Sensitivity setting?

24-05-2015, 21:31
Yeah lower your speed sensitivity setting, i run around 60 (you might want to get closer to full wheel lock when going faster then that so you'll set that even lower).