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24-05-2015, 21:38
I thied a community event, and kept going over the lines and getting "Lap Time Invalidated". I finally went slow enouf to get it and came in 2373 out of 2446 place! When I would do the community events in GRID autosport, I would ussually come in the last 10%. I enjoy playing, even though I suck. But I am tired of comng in last place everytime I race online. Can you maybe add some kind of option to sort players by skill level. The online in this game is much worse than GRID Autosport, but at least other people use it.

EDIT: Do those ranks include all platforms, or just PC?
EDIT 2: Also, why can I smatch into as many walls as I want, but can't ever slide 2 feet off the track. Also, the voice told me I coould turn on off assists from the pit and try it out. I don't see an option for assists in the pit. Do you have to go to main menu?

Thank you

24-05-2015, 22:41
What controls are you using pad/wheel/keyboard?

You can map your controls to perform a number of functions, these include turning assists off and on while driving.

I also struggled when I first played the game but a bit of practice, slow everything down and keep trying.

Some people also benefit from fine tuning there controller settings.

24-05-2015, 22:59
Cold tires, setup, deadzones, inputs can be a contributing factor to your problem, remember alot of cars rely on speed for downforce etc to help handle a car, some times you just got to have faith and just look to where your going and your brain will take over and take you there. target fixation may hinder u. look to where you want to go

24-05-2015, 23:24
In the end it doesnt matter what you use or how well you drive. The corner cutters on the leaderboards will out pace the cleanest best racer.

25-05-2015, 02:55


If you want to work on getting faster, take some time and view the video above. Yes, it's old, but the concepts are still sound and will give you some good basics for performance driving which you can build on.

25-05-2015, 02:58
Maybe try what I do: Start off driving slower than you think you should. Then hopefully you'll end up going faster than you thought you could after a few thousand laps! (maybe slight exaggeration here :watermelon: )

25-05-2015, 04:07
Also, sometimes the viewpoint may give you a false sense of speed and behaviour. Try adjusting the FOV and maybe turn off speed sensitive fov in the options and see how you go. Generally a lower FOV number will make it seem slower and a higher FOV number will make it seem faster. Move the seat up/down/forward/back to see if there's a position that suits you better too.

Also try bonnet view if you're struggling from cockpit view just to get the hang of it as sometimes it can be 'easier' to control things from that view.

25-05-2015, 07:24
It's not you.

The game is a 50:50 experience of a great "driving sim" let down by a ridiculous penalty system that punishes good drivers and turns multiplayer into a trolls playground.

25-05-2015, 07:32
The driving model in this game is great. You really do have to put in time behind the wheel. Setups are extremely important. Pick a favorite car and stick with it. Don't race on just one track. I used to be terrified to race online because I wasn't competitive. Some days are better than others. Drive drive drive!


25-05-2015, 07:37
It's not you.

The game is a 50:50 experience of a great "driving sim" let down by a ridiculous penalty system that punishes good drivers and turns multiplayer into a trolls playground.

Ridiculous answer, of course it is him, his problems have nothing to do with the penalty system or online trolls, if you can drive an accurate fast lap you can do it without
incurring penalties.

The clues to his problem are in his post! One of which is comparing Grid Autosport to Project Cars. A lot of people try and drive this game like an arcade racer and they don't stay on the track for even one lap. That is the majority of the problem right there.

You have to respect the physics and tyre temperatures before you can really push