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25-05-2015, 00:52
PS4 Version

Tuesdays Nights @ 9:00PM
Knock-Out Qualifying Lobby opens at 8:00PM
All times listed below are Eastern​

Open to Everyone!

Welcome to the SNAIL Tuesday Night “World Road Racing Challange”. The goal of the series is to provide an enjoyable and competitive night of racing using various race cars on some of the best tracks Project Cars has to offer using PS4 as the platform of choice. Each night will consist of two 30-40 minute races as part of a 4 week season. Although encouraged, you do not need to be a SNAIL driver to participate and is open to all clean and respectful drivers.​

[*=left]Series Founder- GrimGrnninGhost

[*=left]Series Co-Directors- GrimGrnninGhost, Zii1993 & brntguy

[*=left]Chief Steward- zii1993

[*=left]Race Stewards- brntguy, Wardenclyffe

[*=left]Chief Test Engineer- GrimGrnninGhost

[*=left]Series Testers- Wardenclyffe , Zii1993

[*=left]Scorekeeper- GrimGrnninGhost

[*=left]Statistician- GrimGrnninGhost

[*=left]Replay Uploader- TBD

[*=left]Series Photographers- TBD

[*=left]Series Videographer- BrntGuy​

Season 4 - Either theMercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo2 DTM or Renault Clio Cup​

Series Schedule - Currently in voting process

[*=left]Pre-Season Testing - 10/20/15
[*=left]Week 1 - 10/27/15

Race 1 - TBD
Race 2 - TBD

[*=left]Week 2 - 7/28/15

Race 1 - TBD
Race 2 - TBD

[*=left]Week 3 - 8/4/15

Race 1 - TBD
Race 2 - TBD

[*=left]Week 4 - 8/11/15

Race 1 - TBD
Race 2 - TBD

Series Regulations

Race Format​

[*=left]Two - 30-40 minute timed races.
[*=left]10 minute break between races.
[*=left]Grid position for eac race determined by 10 minute qualifying season prior to the start of each race.
[*=left]Forced Default Setups enabled
[*=left]If you get disconnected or decide to quit during a race you will get a DNF and finish last.
[*=left]If more than one person quits or gets disconnected during a race, your finishing position will be determined by the number of laps completed.

To sign up and for more information, please visit the official topic at GTPlanet (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/%E2%97%86-snail-pcars-world-road-racing-challenge-ps4-tuesdays-season-1-spots-available.329268/)

25-05-2015, 20:33
I would like to join I did a lot of SNAIL racing on GT6 my pen PICHON617

26-05-2015, 13:26
Glad to have you sign up. We currently have 9 drivers (8 confirmed) signed up however we still have room for more. If anyone is interested in joining a clean and respectful weekly series, please head over to the topic at GT Planet (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/%E2%97%86-snail-pcars-world-road-racing-challenge-ps4-tuesdays-season-1-spots-available.329268/) for more info and specifics about the series.


28-05-2015, 16:24

Just to provide an updated, we currently have 15 confirmed quality drivers with only 5 spots remaining. Although we officially start Season 1 on Tuesday 6/9/15, we will be running a pre-season race at SilverstoneInternational this coming Tuesday.

To sign up and for more information, please visit the official topic at GTPlanet (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/%E2%97%86-snail-pcars-world-road-racing-challenge-ps4-tuesdays-season-1-spots-available.329268/)

03-06-2015, 12:56
Last night we ran a full race night as a preseason test session at Silverstone international and things seemed to go pretty smoothly. We start the official season next week on 6/9/15. We currently have 17 drivers signed up with only three spots remaining so if your interested, please let me know

To sign up and for more information, please visit the official topic at GTPlanet - https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/%E2%97%86-snail-pcars-world-road-racing-challenge-ps4-tuesdays-season-1-spots-available.329268/. Hope to see you there.

07-06-2015, 17:14

To sign up and for more information, please visit the official topic at GTPlanet (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/%E2%97%86-snail-pcars-world-road-racing-challenge-ps4-tuesdays-season-1-spots-available.329268/)

12-06-2015, 17:00
This series has already produced amazingly close wheel to wheel. If your on the fence about signing up, don't delay contact grim today!!

19-07-2015, 04:46
After taking a month off for the Lobbies to improve we are ready to start the season this coming Tuesday. If you interested in signing up or for more information, please visit the official topic at GTPlanet (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/%E2%97%86-snail-pcars-world-road-racing-challenge-ps4-tuesdays-season-1-week-1-7-21-15.329268/)

23-07-2015, 04:01
Hello. I'm interested in joining if there are any spots still available. I don't really want to come into a series that has already started, but would be happy to wait in line for the next one.

PSN: Silentkiller_201

17-10-2015, 16:21

As the co-series director for the Tuesday SNAIL World Road Racing Challenge (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/%E2%97%86-snail-pcars-world-road-racing-challenge-ps4-tuesday-season-4-now-accepting-new-drivers.329268/), I'm happy to congratulate Mighty_mopar for taking the Series Championship in our third season. Was a close battle with ONESPACE to the very end and came down to the final race of the season.

With the above comes the announcement that we are once again accepting applications for new drivers to join the fun. If your looking for something to do on Tuesday and have a PS4 with Project Cars, please check out the thread for the Tuesday SNAIL World Road Racing Challenge (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/%E2%97%86-snail-pcars-world-road-racing-challenge-ps4-tuesday-season-4-now-accepting-new-drivers.329268/) and sign up in the thread. The next season starts next week on 10/27/15 and would love to have some quality SNAILS join the fun. Season 4 will feature either the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo2 DTM or Renault Clio Cup competing on 8 different tracks with both Night and day races along with a rain shower two. Space is limited so if your interested, don't delay.

With the recent update, starting with this season, we will be forcing default setups along with mandatory pitstop requirements for each race. This should help bring the field even closer.

If you have any questions about the Tuesday SNAIL World Road Racing Challenge (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/%E2%97%86-snail-pcars-world-road-racing-challenge-ps4-tuesday-season-4-now-accepting-new-drivers.329268/) , please let me know. Hope to see you on the track.

Regards, Grim and Zii