View Full Version : Tire selections during pit stops

25-05-2015, 01:15
I noticed today that at the start of the race (GT5 silverstone, rain) I can select between slicks or rain tires. When coming into the pits however it pulls up the available tire selections for what ever car was being used when my pit strategy was last saved (soft, med, inter, wets etc) In this situation what exactly is happening when I select a tire change? The wet's available in that selection are clearly not the same as the rain tires normally available on the GT40 junior and med/inter etc are never an available selection for that car. I noticed that after pitting and putting on "softs" as opposed to the normal "slicks" available for the GT40 the handling was much more forgiving as the rain started coming down so I'm assuming that an incorrect tire model for the car is being loaded. Also, I don't know how the scripting or behavior works for AI so is it possible that they are using the incorrect tires as well? Effecting the insane wet weather times they are sometime capable of.

On an similar note, has anyone else found the G40 Junior almost uncontrollable in the rain at silverstone, even on wet tires? It's not impossible but it's certainly beyond me to keep up with the AI. I'm lucky to complete 2 laps in a row without some sort of off or spin. :)