View Full Version : Superkarts?

Dookie Possum
25-05-2015, 02:14
I just got moved from Karting 1 to Superkarts...upon acceleration, it skates across the track even with green tires. Making a very slight adjustment in the other direction shoots it the other way violently. Is there a trick to taming the superkart, or am I just stuck here forever restarting the practice session 100x?

25-05-2015, 04:32
Are you on controller or wheel?

I would have said cold tires, but you knocked that down so guessing controller. With the wheel karts are pretty decent to drive with the tires warmed up.

25-05-2015, 08:29
Superkart is also fine with tweaked controller settings (when tires are on temperature > green). I have set my direction ratio to 14 and it is fine for me. For sure, on cold tires, you have to take it easy (more than driving cars)
You could really attach with warm tires