View Full Version : My Profile; Preferred Realism "Amateur"?

Agent 21
25-05-2015, 04:44
I play with all assists off, and all damage/wear on realistic, why is it listing my preferred handling as amateur? Is this a thing that changes over the course of playing, because I couldn't find an option anywhere to change an overall handling scheme or anything, but I don't want my profile saying I prefer amateur handling when I absolutely don't lol.

The only thing I can think is when I first started playing and having the "impossible to control" issues most XB1 players were having, I had traction and stability control on, per instructions in a thread for getting handling useable on XB1. But once I tweaked settings to where I could play, I turned em off. If this is an ever evolving stat then maybe having those two assists in for the first few days of playing made it amateur handling? But having them off should have that change right?

Does auto trans have anything to do with it? That's the only "assist" I use, and I hate it, but my Fanatec wheel doesn't work with XB1, so I'm playing with a controller, and I could never get comfortable shofting with a controller for some reason. I miss the Fanatec, with the clutch pedal and H shifter. Makes me wanna reconnect the 360 and play some Forza 4....

Neil Bateman
25-05-2015, 05:06
Im pretty sure its based on your initial choice, if you select amatuer but then decide you can turn off all the assists, your changes are not reflected in your prefered handling because you are just changing options inside the amateur catagory, maybe someone could confirm this as i have always selected pro with all aids off and never altered anything.

Having said that, after having the bumper cam issue a few times while online, my preferred driving view did show bumper cam so that preference does change.

Agent 21
25-05-2015, 05:43
Hmm. I don't recall selecting amateur at the start though, as I always start all games with the sim/realistic settings anyway. But if this dynamically changes its fine, if not it has me wanting to restart the entire game just so it doesn't say that anymore...

I only have 12.5hrs in so far, and we don't unlock cars/earn $, so I won't be losing much but stats, which are kinda skewed anyway since the first 6-7hrs were spent just testing settings to get cars to handle, and doing a ton of sessions with horrible lap times and crashes while setting it all up.

25-05-2015, 07:33