View Full Version : Can Anyone Help on Controller settings

25-05-2015, 14:54
I am using Project Cars on the PS4 but everytime i try to change the controller configurations it says i have not completed them all, i want the X to be my power and square as my brake but keeps saying i havent completed all the settings, but when i do try to fill them all in i run out of buttons to push, please help thanks.

25-05-2015, 14:56
Have you re assigned the handbrake?

25-05-2015, 15:27
Yes i have

25-05-2015, 15:29
Just make sure any controls you have in assigned are re assigned.

I took a picture of standard buttons to help me, it may help you too 204419

25-05-2015, 15:36
Thanks i will try and let you know later