View Full Version : Missing cars dlc pack for steam store?

25-05-2015, 16:17
Dear Dev team,

I bought your amazing game the normal Pc version in a local store. To my surprise there is a Limited Edition containing these nice cars:

It seems I missed this Edition completely.

Ford GT40 Mk IV
BMW M1 Pro Car
McLaren F1
Sauber C9
Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM

I am just wondering are there any plans from your side offering them for a reasonable price in the steam store? I know it might be some kind of unfair to the people who bought the Limited Edition in the first place, but as a Racing game lover I would like to get my hands on these cars as well. Maby you can find a way, something in the middle, a win win situation for both sides, so all of us can enjoy the whole content. I would pay around 10-15 EUR for this nice dlc. Looking forward to your response :)

kind regards


25-05-2015, 16:21
I think i saw somewhere that these cars would be available later in the year as a DLC pack......dont hold me to that though. Maybe that was only the pre-order cars (you are on about the LE cars).

Siberian Tiger
25-05-2015, 16:28
At the Moment the LE Cars are only available for Download in the USA. (They were not be able to Pre Order due some Distribution Problems (Slots)

Perhaps it will follow later for all which had missed the Pre-Order.

But i think that will not happen soon ;) (You would upset the ones which specifially buy'd the LE Edition)