View Full Version : GT3 Wet Setups?

25-05-2015, 16:27
Anyone got some generic wet setups for the GT3 Cars?

25-05-2015, 17:27
There are a few changes that are typical.
Softer the springs one click so the car is less nervous.
*Change the damping to match the new spring rates
Reduce camber because of lower lateral forces due to the lower grip.
Maybe soften the arb for the same reason
Move the Downforce balance more towards the front to fight the understeer in the wet also rather increase the downforce for wet conditions.
Check brake ducts opening
Brake balance can be moved bit to the rear if I'm not mistaken
Maybe bigger toe angle esp on the rear to keep the car stable on acceleration.

*The Damping basicly I'd reduce the fast damping in the same way the springs got softer and maybe soften the slow damping a bit more.

26-05-2015, 19:26

26-05-2015, 19:30
Is the fast dampening the Bump or the rebound? and what is arb?