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Ian Bell
25-05-2015, 16:57

25-05-2015, 17:19

Cricket? I never got the appeal of standing while some lunatic ran at me full pelt and whanged a leather covered lump of wood at me. Probably because I was shit at it frankly. Just an excuse for drinking the one and only game I attended....

....lightbulb moment!

25-05-2015, 17:24
When I hear cricket, I always have to think of Douglas Adams and THHGTTG :p


Ian Bell
25-05-2015, 17:41
A full 5 day test match is a wonderful way to exercise your patience muscles. This one was fantastic though so an easy ask.

Rob Prange
25-05-2015, 18:07
Cricket, the only ball sport I truly don't understand....as in: I can't make sense of what I'm watching :)

John Hargreaves
25-05-2015, 18:10

Sorry thought you meant Andy Murray at the French open. Dual nationality, he's English til he gets knocked out, then he goes Scottish :cool:

Bigger Than Dave
25-05-2015, 18:50
Well done England (it hurts to say that but you did beat the kiwis). I love sitting down and doing little else for five days given the chance, I'm looking forward to the ashes. Hopefully some of the tests land on my night shifts.

25-05-2015, 19:40
Good win today beating the posh Aussies.

25-05-2015, 20:59
Great test match and mildly promising for England ahead of the Ashes. Nice to have a test match with no sledging, either, although it wasn't really cold enough for snow.

26-05-2015, 12:41
I'd rather read more complaint posts here , haha.

I hardly watch any televised sports beyond motor racing.

27-05-2015, 10:42
So let me get this straight...there is no puck?

31-07-2015, 15:01
Well batted Ian, you got your boys across the line. You are a man of many talents aren't you;)

31-07-2015, 15:52
i dont watch cricket at all, i dont see the interest in some person batting a heavy red ball on a piece of wood and all that running. its the same why i also dont see the interest in watching a pair of sweaty men or women, screaming and grunting using some plastic netted metal framed object against a hollow rubber green coloured ball at high speed over a net in the middle. doesnt appeal to me at all, its the same for football (no not american rugby).

Tom Cornwell
31-07-2015, 16:51
Good win today, sets the series up nicely for the 4th test!

01-08-2015, 14:06
Think the sissies are screwed now for the rest of the series, the batting is shot and the bowlers are struggling compared to the engrish.