View Full Version : Blue flags

25-05-2015, 18:17
Are there no penalties for ignoring blue flags online? Every single time I race in a public lobby it's an absolute nightmare trying to get past lapped cars who go out of their way to weave from side to side and brake check me at every opportunity. The people who play online are so bad I'm sometimes lapping the same person every 2-3 laps and having to deal with this constantly.

If there is no in-game penalty is there a way I can blacklist people from my races or report them or something?

26-05-2015, 07:06
I know your feels. This gets even more annoying if you are racing for position while approaching someone with a blue flag.
I don't know about any blacklist function so nope not as fa i know.

Blue flags doen't give you a panelty too. I don't even exactly how they work in pCars. Are they like the iracing ones?

The iracing blue flag is just an indicator that somebody behind you is going to lap you but he doesn't have to let you pass. I know this is annoying and anything else than like the real world but sometimes you have to deal with it.

26-05-2015, 10:34
Blue Flags don't work very well. I often notice it showing up after overtaking a slower player.

26-05-2015, 12:16
I agree. I just got blue flagged for 3 whole laps while working my way through the field with no-one catching me up.

Still the best racing game I've got though and its early days.