View Full Version : Game not giveing me penalty for cutting track multiple times.

25-05-2015, 18:30
I have noticed no matter how many times I cut the track and gain time I never seem to get a pit stop penalty or DQ. I only get the invalidated lap and race director warnings but nothing seems to come of it. flags and rules are set to on but am only playing short 5 laps solo weekends with just quali and race so not sure if this happens in career mode or not.

Is this a bug? By the way I don't go out of my way to cut the corners of the track its just something I noticed. I have done a couple of races cutting every corner possible to test this over the 5 laps and still did not get a penalty.

Sonny Crockett
25-05-2015, 18:41
You won't get a penalty for that. Unless you're in a online lobby and the host set special standards.

25-05-2015, 18:46
Well I think you should and if that's the case then why have the warning from race director and the threat you could be pulled off. Makes no sense.

25-05-2015, 19:42
Many track limits are not properly done, allowing you to cut and win time (Monza, Azure, Zolder...).
And ironically, going with 2 wheel outside of the track on the grass in many corners invalidate the lap, even if you loose time.

It's been reported over and over, so let see if some patch comes in the future...

26-05-2015, 03:39
so right above posted by PureMalt77, I think many tracks and many bugs, also with AI pushing you out or incident involved matters and you get lap time invalidated, even when pushed into sand/ dirt where you lose a looot looot of time.