View Full Version : Setup of car and forcefeedback not saving

25-05-2015, 20:47
Platform: PS4
Event: invitation BMW320
Problem: made a generic setup for the car and the feedback in my garage. Saved it to all the circuits. But it does not stick.

When entering the event first part Hockenheim Short, no problem. Both carsetup and and ffb setting worked and the tweaks on both were saved. All weekend.
On Catalunya nevertheless a random carsetup and the general ffb setting were loaded. After changing the carsetup and saving it. It saves only for the current run on track after the changes were made. When returning to the pitbox during the practise it all changed again. Qualifing it changed everytime, before the race the same.
After restarting the event a couple of times I ended up irritated and raced my way to the end of the weekend in an almost undrivable car.

AI 80%, qualified 5th, race struggled into 8th. The struggle was not with the AI...

Max Kelly
26-05-2015, 07:26
known problem.
It will be solved with future patches.