View Full Version : on a 20 lap race, are my AI opponents pitting?

25-05-2015, 20:56
Title says it all...

But, how do I know if my opponents are pit stopping? I had to go in for "aero damage" only once.

But when playing in general, how can I tell what they are doing, or if they are at all?

25-05-2015, 23:03
No ones talking about the AI much here or the tire model and race info, basically anything to do with app support, because ps4 didn't get it. I think you just have to do it yourself and find out then post back. I'd like to know this stuff. Basically waiting on these kind of answers so I know where all the bugs might be & the strategys you need to use vs the AI in most situations.
Please post results of what you find and how they worked, or didn't work.

25-05-2015, 23:12
If you press start it tells you who's on track or not. There's no verbal info though or pop up messages etc.

25-05-2015, 23:37
You would have to keep an eye on timing and scoring, but the only one of those that's useful to me only displays my lap times in bolder print. That's the only one I can see and make use of. The others are too small to be useful in any way, likely designed for PC, but doesn't translate well on ps4 big screens. But if you had a decent timing box we could see, you might be able to make sense of the gaps and determine someone has pitted. Only way now is to see it on track map or if it happens in front of you I think.

26-05-2015, 16:30
In the endurance series, the Ai usually pits after 12-18 min. Trough a one hour race they do pit two or three times, depending on what track it is.

30-05-2015, 14:12
I did the Zolder/McLaren 3 hrs endurance today.
After 20 laps I started lapping cars, but there is no info (or I am missing it) telling me how far I am ahead of the second car.
I see my laptimes in bold, I see racing time elapsed and time to go, but nowhere I get info other than that I am P1.
There is no pit engineer to tell me when to pit, there is no flags (even no checkered flag at the finish)...
Only other McLaren cars, without numbers, no idea what position they are in...
With half an hour to go I pitted (big relief when I saw there was someone present) dozens of cars flew by and when I finally regained the track a Fly by trophy popped. Then I knew for sure I was still leading, but by how much ?

Is there a setting that can help me ?
Like ghost town... !?

30-05-2015, 15:54
If you're in a series with a teammate you will get a heads up when they're in the pit box (so you don't get stuck waiting for them to finish) that can help you gauge when to pit or if others are pitting

02-06-2015, 01:37
I was wondering the same thing, I did 250 lapper on Chesterfield in a shifter kart against other shifter and superkarts. I pitted on lap 125 in roughly 11th place and handed it over to the AI driver who puled out in around 17th place. As far as I know, no one else pitted before me. I watched the AI driver for a while (btw good job sms with the AI teammate, works great for me) and I calculated that the AI will get about 160 laps out of the tank so I watched the race from lap 125 to lap 183 without seeing single car pit.

For the rest of the race I had the map up but wasn't paying 100% attention. I did see 3 superkarts pit during that time but they were all missing bodywork so I don't know if they were pitting for damage or not. In the end my AI teammate finished 12th but I'm pretty sure he didn't pass more than four other shifter karts so I have to assume that there were some pit stops that I didn't see. I'll probably test it again sometime this week and let you know what I come up with.

02-06-2015, 02:59
I just ran a gt5 career race on ps4. 6 laps main race so there was a mandatory pit stop. I pitted on lap 4 and went in in first place. I came out somehow in 14th and i had all damage repair set to off. The only thing i can think is that 14 of the ai didn't pit? Doesn't make any sense!

02-06-2015, 09:36
It would be nice to have an indicator in the start menu to let you know how many stops each driver had made (along with their fastest lap).

03-06-2015, 01:55
I can verify that the AI does pit if needed. However, the AI drivers in solo seem to have a very large pit window (It's a good thing, more realistic I think) so I wouldn't expect to see the AI all pitting in a 5 minute window. On a twenty lap race, depending on the car, some Ai will pit and some won't. I guess some are better at saving fuel than others.

Also, I noticed that as a stint goes on the AI becomes less aggressive and they take different lines into corners and then once they change tires they are aggressive again and will start using their original lines, so it's cool to see tire wear affecting the behavior of the AI.

03-06-2015, 01:55
Also, if you hand the car over to the AI teammate, they will pit when they need to without you telling them so, so you can double or triple stint your AI teammate in endurance races by not doing anything.