View Full Version : Cutting tracks needs a fix!!!

25-05-2015, 23:53
this is a game destroyer!!!

how can cutting the track can be so easy to do!!!

come on on azure circuit ( monaco) , you can cut it 3 times THREE CUTS in one little circuit!!!

first corner on the right , chicane after the tunnel, and 2nd chicane can be cut like almost no corners are even there!!! seriously?????

this needs a big fix , because racing is about the best LEGIT laps

penalties are ridiculous, and monaco was just an example, there are plenty of tracks to be cut!! that is not racing!

26-05-2015, 00:04
this needs a big fix , because racing is about the best LEGIT laps

SMS is on it. You can read the post from one of the devs here:


26-05-2015, 00:06
What rather needs a fix is the penalty system. So many times it fucked up my race. At the beginning there are car clusters and I experienced it so often that before a corner someone touched me so I couldnt do anything but "cut" the corner. Meanwhile I ofc overtook some cars with that "manouver"...and immediatly I'm slowed down, standing in the middle of the track having several cars crashing into me because I'm unable to evade. It's so ridiculous....