View Full Version : Lap Time Invalidated Penalty when hitting rogue corner markers (tire bundles/bails)

26-05-2015, 06:36
Hi, i was racing in the GT3 Euro cup last night around Brno (beautiful circuit and the lighting is amazing) when two cars had a bit of a handbag session coming into the last series of corners before the finish staight - they hit the corner tyre bundles/bails on the apex and kept going but then tires rolled into the track and i clipped them, no damage to the car but i got a lap time invalidated penalty and as it was so close to the finish straight it invalidated the next lap too.

Is there anyway that the lap penalty can be applied only when the tire is in its original position please and not after its been hit and is rolling on the track. Might not be a huge issue to some but on limited qualifying time you can sometimes only get 4-6good timed laps (especially on the longer circuits) and if it kills your current and next laptimes it makes it a lottery.

26-05-2015, 11:08
Invalid lap times are a riddle to me too. Not only the "unforced" penalties like mentioned above or those when an AI car bumps into you.
On some tracks you can go far wide off (like after the 1st corner at Hockenheim what gives you a huge advantage. At Zolder you can cut the chicanes, at Dubai there are many places to go far wide off after corners) and on others you even don't go off the track with all 4 wheels (Doníngton, Silverstone afair) and your lap is "dirty".
Another question I have is: "Why can't clean lap times in career mode or online races not be transferred to the leaderboards? The leaderboards need a revision too, by the way, sorted by cars or at least by car classes like GT3, GT4 or whatever. Sorted like the cars race against... Actually the leaderboards are pretty useless as long as e.g. Formula Rookie cars are compared to Formula A cars.