View Full Version : Increase look left/right speed

26-05-2015, 08:47
If you are driving in cockpit view and use buttons for look left/right, instead of snapping the view left/right for a quick look what is next to you, the view slowly rotates to the right or left.

This makes it very difficult to know when someone is next to you, as to have a proper look you have to press the look button then wait a second for the driver's head to lazily turn in the direction you want to look. By the time you've checked what's next to you and switched back to look ahead you've missed your braking point or hit the car in front.

Any chance we can change this so the view snaps to the left/right instantly like in most other racing sims? It would make it much easier to race cleanly from cockpit view. Hopefully it's just a 30 second job for you guys to fix!

Max Kelly
26-05-2015, 12:52
look left / right speed is slow if you use "helmet cam" (Also without helmet), in the cockpitcam is instantaneous.

26-05-2015, 19:35
No, it's not. Look back is instant, left / right isn't.

Mad Al
27-05-2015, 11:06
No, it's not. Look back is instant, left / right isn't.

It's certainly a lot faster in all other views than it is in helmet view (instant no, much faster, yes)