View Full Version : Well Done SMS!! There is a car to suit everyone!

26-05-2015, 11:44
This is something that I have noticed since the game has been released.

I use a TM 458 Spider wheel.

I spend a lot of time racing a friend online around tracks we pick at random using cars which are close in performance handling etc. normally same class.

I noticed that there will be a car from each class that fits your style of driving or doesn't. An example of this would be GT3 Race Cars, their handling characteristics are different in many ways such as in the braking areas and corner exit.

Racing around Zolder this became apparent, at first I was driving the Audi R8 and couldn't agree with it! Braking was unstable for my style and corner exit wasn't fun either. With this track having a lot of heavy braking points and quick direction changes you soon notice things that don't gel with you and the car. For the next set of races I decided to go in the RUF and this car suited me down to the ground I felt more comfortable thrashing it around Zolder, the BMW Z4 also had the same effect but I didn't agree with the McLaren or Ginetta. Bare in mind that these have thee default tune, so there is plenty of room for improvement.

This has produced two challenges! Do I carry on driving the RUF or BMW and tune them for faster times and get better and better or do I try and tame the Audi, McLaren and Ginetta and tune to suit my style.

I feel that having this level of detail in the handling characteristics is just incredible and I think the SMS Team have done an amazing job. I think I will be playing this game for a while trying to better myself and my chosen vehicle. I am yet to go into public lobbies and can't wait to see the different driving styles show in the cars that don't suit my style.

Does anyone else share the same view? maybe in a different class?