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26-05-2015, 12:05
You need to look at adding or changing some coding, all too often an AI car will plow into a wall on a corner and the lemmings other AI cars plow right in behind it and then they all sit there until you get bored and quit the race, id suggest you need to look into some sort of timer that if a car is not moving it gets removed from the race. Hopefully the video works and you can see my point, there is no sound as I forgot to record the sound, so race starts, an AI car crashes, they pile up behind it and create a blockade, it stays this way until I quit the race.

Circuit is Monaco or whatever its called in project cars, I started P13, this is on PC with the AI quality at 100%, race starts I get up to 10th place off the line as the lemmings all pile up on turn 1, typically the pace slows at turns 3 massenet and 4 casino, I now hear a yellow flag warning, it even says a car is stuck which was odd, coming to turn 6 the grand hotel hairpin I see a pile up of cars, every car ahead of me is stuck not moving, there is enough room on the inside to get past so I go past and wahooo P1, here I am thinking yes into P1 put some distance between myself the the others as they are likely to get through, but nooooooo, come to turn 6 once more now in P1 but they are all lined up, the video shows the rest as this is when I decided to record.

Interesting points.... amazing how much I can do with damage on FULL, interesting that the stuck car is clearly wheel spinning trying to get out but the rest just sit there blocking him in, I try to knock the block car out but couldn't do it. Forgive my poor driving, recording video drops my fps so low I find it hard to drive, hence I do not record video often, decided to ram a barrier or two to show I am on full damage.


26-05-2015, 12:09
I've seen the AI get stuck in other spots too on multiple tracks. Never seen them all pile up like this though lol.

26-05-2015, 12:26
I restarted the race, lap 4, same thing happened.