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26-05-2015, 14:53

After more than 60 hours playing the game I would like to post a feedback of what I thought. Sorry about my English I'm from Brazil and my writing is awful.

My computer is a I7 3.8, 18 GRAM and a GForce 690.

• Drivability: Drive the car is very nice. The learning curve of each car is good, and when you start to get used with the car the sensation is pleasant. First I started with the xbox one controller afterward I acquired a Logitech DRIVING FORCE GT, the steering wheel changed everything. Like, in the first kart category, drive with the controller is almost impossible many of my colleagues that play the game with the controller are just jumping the kart category. About the steering I tough the Force feedback too heavy, after play one hour my arms get tired, but I think that is how an driver feel, anyway I didn't find a way to put the feedback lighter without loose the realistic. Regarding the xbox controller I had a lot of force feedback bug the solution was change the FFB % to 0.

• AI: The AI most of time is smart and real. But sometimes everything goes down. Like in Sonoma circuit in the 3 curve after the start line everyone goes out the track intentionally. I recorded a clip about that. In the video I drove the first three laps and the rest I simulated to demonstrate the problem. The video shows too that the KART AI’s is too easy I won the entire championship in the 100 difficult so easily. In others categories the difficult start to get hard and nice. Other thing that should be improve is the AI when the NPC drives goes out track, for they is so easy to go back, that sometime frustrate me. Other thing to improve is that the AI needs to learn how do reverse when they crash and ends with the front of the car in the wall, they stay there, it happens a lot in Monza circuit after the last corner. The flags are rare in the game, the sensation is that don’t have any rules, me and the AI cut corners and nothing happen, If a car hit other to force passing nothing happens.

• Where to improve:

-Car damage is horrible it needs to be improved in kart, if you hit over 200K/h the only thing that happens is the careen goes out.

-In the screen that you enter in race/training/ qualifying of career should have the options to accelerate the fuel and tires consumption, everytime you need to go back for the options menu if you want to change.

-One of the most important update to me is add a save in the middle of the race, I am a hardcore gamer and I loved the game but sometime I need to stop race to take care of my real life. It’s difficult to keep playing a race for more than one hour, so some events you can't enter because the minimum time is 2 hours.

-Please put the classification of the side events of career somewhere no just when the race ends.

• Follow the link of the video that shows the SONOMA Circuit

- https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=1467b58c8c3e2ef5!58590&authkey=!AKPEZ4DzMdFG2Y4&ithint=video%2cmp4

26-05-2015, 17:31
Forgot to mention that it would be nice to show when you turn on the ABS traction control and other while driving.

I was thinking about add a save in the middle of the race would ruining the game immersion, and the people would use the save to prevent mistakes. What would be able is to permit one save every 30 minutes.

26-05-2015, 18:51
I have been wanting to feedback but have hardly scratched the surface. I think I have only got 8 or 9 hours play. My journey with Pcars so far has been very mixed, but still positive.

Initially I nearly abandoned the game, after having trouble setting my wheel up. I can not understand why a default profile for the type of wheel in use is not automatically set with the most configured settings to reflect the physics model in the game. We know that everyone has different feel and settings can be tweaked, but as this is a simulator there should be benchmark level to work from.
After getting the wheel to configured it was a different game. Although the ffb is lighter than other games it communicates well. The more that I have played the more that I have noticed, surface changes, and movement in the car.
The physcics of the game are far better than a previous title I used to spend a lot of time on.
But this is where things start to get a bit mixed, some cars on some tracks seem so dialled in, but then get that same car on another track and the handling does not seem quite right. I have a real interest in the road\track cars, as apart from karts I have not done any motor racing in real life. I have gone around a few circuits in some tasty road cars so that is what I am basing my experience on.
The road tyre model is so hit and miss, at some points it seems spot on and predictable, then at other times there is no progressive break or slippage, it's like I hit a patch of ice and the cars spinning off. 9/10 times I will know exactly why something has happened to cause an off (mostly right foot) but at other times I am left puzzled as I do not have a clue. I have had limited time with the game to give any usable detail, I can comment that road camber seems to be involved with very limited steering, but it's weird, just a sudden break in traction and off, no chance to catch it.
The difference between cars, makes the feeling very realistic, example evo fq400 has very high levels of grip and traction but a lot of turbo lag, where as the R8 V10 feels so much faster and is alive and very tale happy. But if dump the Audi on full lock it spins round and round, try that in the evo and it struggles to do the same. So in making the cars feel realistic to how they should drive, it's hampered some of the r/l ability in the game.
I really need to make some notes as I play, as there a few niggles that at times spoils the immersion.

Another thing is the lack of direction\detail\manual for the game and cars. An example would be having a wheel with a h shifter and not knowing if I should use the stick, or the paddles. Nothing more annoying than being dumped out the pits in 2nd gear trying to fathom what I should or should not be using. Go for the stick only to find a sequential transmission, after working the stick and being in the wrong gears urrrrrrh. Surely one or the other could be disabled to keep with the authencity of the car.
Why on earth, can I not drive out the pits my self, I am more than capable, urrrrrh this is supposed to be a sim. Then there is the crashing (raptor not used now) and the graphics warping on some tracks urrrrrh.

Career I got lost in, took me ages to work out how to start a race from the calander, clear lack of direction. I wanted to start at the bottom and work my way up so started in karting. After the initial wow there on speed, I though they were a decent representation, steering not heavy enough though. But then more annoyance no practice for a track I have never been on, no qually just thrown straight in. Then the next race it's a rolling start, again computer controlled, stop it it's meant to be a sim, cars or karts don't have auto pilot!

That all said do not get me wrong I think Pcars has a solid foundation, it's just needs much ironing out. A great start, but things can really improve.

where's the patches :)

26-05-2015, 20:44
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