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26-05-2015, 14:54
Hi guys, first post here on the forum.

I'm not here to compare games, but only color and the way this makes the game feel more real.
I was playing Driveclub the other day, and one thing caught my attention when I played Project Cars afterwards: The color in Driveclub makes the game look more real than PjC.
I think is mainly because in Driveclub, the color palette isn't so saturated. The light and color is less exaggerated, so it feels more real.

I'm not saying anything about gameplay, only about color.

Have anyone from PjC staff ever considered changing a bit?

26-05-2015, 14:58
I am on PC so not much help.

Do you not get Brightness, Contrast and Saturation settings within the game on PS4?

26-05-2015, 20:04
Do you not get Brightness, Contrast and Saturation settings within the game on PS4?

Umer Ahmad
26-05-2015, 20:17
Each game engine uses lighting differently (but towards he same goal of realism). The the artists have their ideas too. The art directors are in charge of overall quality and direction.

DriveClub looks very good to me also. PS4 players are blessed this year to have the 2 best looking racing games in history of mankind. Honorable mention: FM5

26-05-2015, 20:23
You may try looking at using a post processing filter like SweetFX or ReShade to adjust the color more to your liking.

Funnily enough there's even a saved setting from someone interested in something similar, making the game look more like Driveclub:


Apologies, just realized you're on PS4. No luck with this then. :/

Siberian Tiger
26-05-2015, 20:27
But he is asking on PS4... There you don't have any possibilty to costumise...

Reshade or similar Programms are cool, but not always easy to use.