View Full Version : Low speed corners

26-05-2015, 16:30
Just wondering what I would need to tune to improve low speed corning?

E.g. Leaning Azure Circuit in a Ruf GT3, getting down to first/second it's almost impossible to get around the corner.

Srt8 300c
26-05-2015, 17:09

Check this out pal,

It isnt my guide, just a very useful one for begginers someone loaded up.
I havnt tuned any road car yet so im unsure.
It would take me ages to explain what the impact of adjusting settings have, Re positive or negative outcomes.

Hope this helps.......

27-05-2015, 19:53
Try a slightly heavier front ARB but I don't know what your setup is like to start with. ARB play is fun. Tyre collapse can be a problem if under inflated! Also try reducing the caster. Don't forget to try the car around the whole track after, just incase it needs other attention. Hope this helps.