View Full Version : Contract choice for trophies

26-05-2015, 19:12
So, I have just completed 3 seasons:

Season 1: Kart
Season 2: Super Kart
Season 3: GT3

Now, I have the choice between 5 contract offers:

1: LMP3 Rookie
2: LMP2
3: Formula C
4: Endurance GT
5: GT 3 (most likely not this one since I've already done that one)

I'm trying to get the following trophies:

1: Zero to Hero: Won the LMP1 World Championship within ten seasons (I now have 2/10. I will have 3/10 once I accept an offer.)
2: Defending Champ - Defend a Career Championship for three consecutive years (Which tiers are the shortest in order to do this the fastest?)
3: Triple Crown - Won three Career Championships in three different motorsport disciplines (I now have 1/3 because I've completed GT3)

I'm personally leaning towards either LMP2 or Endurance GT because both should give me 2/3 motorsport disciplines for the Triple Crown trophy. I think I'd go for LMP2 since I'm not an endurance fan. Or can the endurance races be shortened?