View Full Version : Hit and turn others cars without visible touch

26-05-2015, 20:31
I ve save some replays when friends or others people in the multiplayer hit me, turn me, shot me! Everytime there are a lot of centimeters (perhaps50cm) beetwen the car, like the car has a invisible are at the rear or front! I mostly drive the ruf gt3! Would be nice to know, if others have that problem to! Tomorow i get new Internet with ipv4 for better connection!

Greeze JayChristmas

26-05-2015, 21:12
This is a problem with online racing. I once hit someone 1 meter away

26-05-2015, 21:24
Ok, thanks, so it's not only a problem for me! At nascar the game it was too, but only a little 10cm gap! Here it is realy a big gap