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26-05-2015, 21:50
Hi, I am racing in Watkins Glen in GT3, it's proper raining. Thunderstorm weather. But, when I put on rain tyres at start of race, I don't have that much grip. In fact I am turning the tyres blue I am going that slow. And i am dead last. I then pit and I can get extreme wet tyres. Happy days , much more grip and put in steady laps.

So I decided to restart to see what I would do with extreme wet tyres on, but I can still only pick rain tyres. Any reason for this or am I missing something. Thanks.

26-05-2015, 22:18
Some tyre options are hidden i think, ive noticed the same :*(

26-05-2015, 23:31
Somehow you were still on slicks at race start. Theres only one rain tire for gt3 and most race cars in the game. One of the problems with the pit strategy board is it offers more rain options that you might really have. But you will get standard rain tires with either choice. You would have thought it would be a easy fix but wasn't. I think the app coders are looking at removing the confusing options for a future patch.

the stig.
27-05-2015, 01:15
I'm struggling through the same exact race. Just slowly driving along in last until the pits open.

27-05-2015, 01:37
I have now found out that AI Tyre wear was not enabled upon release. Can you pls ensure with the current fixing/implementation of tyre wear on PC also works for consoles and is tested.