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27-05-2015, 10:02
PCars Online Multiplayer Features

Over on GTPlanet, I created a thread specific to the online multiplayer features that we thought needed to be added to improve the racing community online side of this racing sim. We are loving the game and our forums are very active with so many posts and threads where we discuss this game. From all of the posts about multiplayer, I collected a list and wrote them all down here for you all to look at and hopefully SMS as well. :)

The most important features missing are:

- Host can kick players - It's so frustrating when you got noobs just crashing and trying to ram you off the road, need the ability to kick players and not vote, just doesn't work.

- Lapped cars become ghosts, again some players just trying to ruin your race.

- Chat system so players can actually communicate during the lobby time without a mic.

- Lobby names - being able to name your room is important for people who want different things (Clean, Drift, Fun, Drag, GT3 clean or kick, etc)

- More flexibility for the host changing the rules or class of car without making another lobby.

- Wheel or controller only rooms option

- Lag improvement.

- Stronger penalties to stop corner cutting and exceeding track limits.

- Free practice available while waiting in the lobby for the race to start.

- Adjustable count down timer so the host can adjust the length of time when the event finishes after the winner has crossed the line.

- Online player rating improved so the host can filter players prone to crashing or cheating.

- Ability to skip a race while staying in the lobby in case you need a break etc only Ready players go onto the track while Not Ready stay in lobby.

- Starting Grid Position options - For example, last race positions, reverse grid, slowest to fastest, Random etc

- Country flag represented somewhere with your race ID.

- Online time trial lobby option - Set time limit, no collisions, fixed conditions and times post to leaderboards.

- Collisions options - on/off in online lobbies.

- Track map displayed while in lobby.

- Aborted race start option

- More servers when looking for an online race. This applies to PC as there will often be only 4 or 5 lobbies showing on some servers and changing servers through steam is far from ideal.

- Garage access while in the lobby.

- Ability to exit a race and return to the lobby rather than returning to the main menu.

If anyone has any other suggestions lets write them down here and hope SMS reads this and listens to us fans.

27-05-2015, 10:25
look here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21985-Project-Cars-Ultimate-Suggestion-Thread :)

27-05-2015, 12:28
look here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21985-Project-Cars-Ultimate-Suggestion-Thread :)

Thats project cars in general, this is specific to Online which I stated in the first paragraph.