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27-05-2015, 10:05
Hi all,

Been playing this for a while now, and have come across a couple of issues i've found in car set up for Formula C and Ariel Atom. I couldn't find these reported anywhere (EDIT: The camber one is discussed here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22761-Camber-and-tyre-pressure-vs-tyre-temperatures-telemetry) , so I am not sure if it is just me, but they are consistently happening. Here is a low down:

Formula C:
The camber settings for the front left tyre have no effect. I noticed that the inside of the front left was hotter than the center and outside of the tyre by about 4 degrees, which were both evenly heated. Four may not sound like a substantial number but it was enough to warrant a colour difference (dark green for the inside and light green for the rest). This temperature delta was exacerbated when the tyre overheated showing a considerable colour difference between the inside of the tyre and the rest.

The is traditionally a symptom of too much negative camber. In the car set up screen, the front left camber is set to -3 degrees. I reduced the camber to -2.5 and drove 5-7 hard laps to ensure tyres were appropriates warmed up, but the temperature difference was still present. I then set the front left camber to 0, an excessive change, but one which would be most likely to show a difference. Drove a few laps again, but the temperature distribution of the tyre showed the exact same issue, with the same temperatures delta. The inside of the tyre was hotter by 4-5 degrees with 0 camber.

Do the Formula C cars have natural camber that can't be dialled out? Even if this were the case, reducing the camber to 0 should have resulted in a difference in tyre temperature. I have tested this at the following circuits and all exhibit the same issue:
Oulton Park

I have not tested the camber settings for any of the other tyres

Ariel Atom V8
The Ariel Atom V8's sway bar settings are 0 for front and ear, no matter where the slider is, no matter which circuit, no matter qualifying, practice or race. (Can i also say that it is a horrifically bad car. The atom blaster cup at Oulton Park is just torture)

I can include screenshots if necessary, but later as I dont have access to the PS4 at the moment.

My setup is a PS4 using a Fanatec CSR Wheel with CSR Elite pedals.

Has anybody encountered these?