View Full Version : I know this is a sim, but...

27-05-2015, 10:19
...I would love a dash more flair to proceedings.

Would anybody else like to hear a slightly exited 'FINAL LAP!' announcement? Maybe not quiiiite as enthusiastic as Ridge Racer ;)

Also, winning a race feels a bit flat imho. Sometimes, it's a real achievement (as opposed to an Xbox achievement, lol) and that's not reflected in the 'game'. I'd like to see just a brief animation of the chequered flag and a trophy, or a podium celebration. Winning a series could go further, too - I think a montage of your greatest moments in the series would be pretty cool.

Maybe that's all for PCars 2...

27-05-2015, 10:23
you can post this here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21985-Project-Cars-Ultimate-Suggestion-Thread