View Full Version : [ANSWERED] Tyre, Weather and asphalt Issues Maybe?

D1rty Duck UK
27-05-2015, 13:15

I have had a look on the forums and i'm not sure if this has been raised as a bug or it's me. Even though i have been annoyed by the state of the game being released, it has a hell a lot of potential so im willing to give it time.

The problem i have notices is to do with tyres, weather and the racing surface. I was racing GT3's around Brno and it started to rain, it was gentle to start and then the heavens opened up and it was soon like a monsoon. Obviously i was on slick tyres and needed to pit for some wet weather tyres which i did. In my pit stop i went from 2nd to near the back of the field.

What happened after this surprised me, the AI never pitted and continued to turn out laps as if the race track was bone dry and on full slicks. It was impossible for me to try and close the gap so end by quitting the race. Is this a bug?

Now another issue is the drying tarmac. I do not see racing lines developing on the tarmac when it's stopped raining and starting to dry, all i see is intermittent puddles which ultimately just disappear. Is this also a bug? I would of expected a dry racing line to appear on the track but this doesn't seem to be the case.

Sorry if this has been raises/asked before

27-05-2015, 15:19
AI on wets is known issue, as far as drying lines I don't think they are graphically represented you just have to keep in mind where the proper line "should" be and try and stick too it. Was racing in the rain at silverstone the other day and it was "manageable" on the proper lines but getting off line was like driving on ice. I can't speak for the dev's but based on how the track conditions are visually represented I'm guessing it would be pretty difficult, if even possible, to properly render drying lines.

Umer Ahmad
27-05-2015, 15:29
AI statement (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?23553-The-AI-discussion-(all-platforms)&p=906056#post906056)

not sure about the drying line question. I understand your question, I don't know the answer.

D1rty Duck UK
27-05-2015, 15:29
Ok so tyres for AI is a bug.

Anyone got an idea if the tyre compound makes a difference? I seem to be able to get the same lap times within a couple of tenths for soft, medium and hard compounds. I also noticed that tyre wear seems to be the same. 3 laps on soft compound front left red, 3 laps on hard compound again front left red