View Full Version : Few suggestions

27-05-2015, 14:18
Hey folks,

am I the only person that is missing the feature to create own endurance races? I mean cmon' we got such a beautiful day/night cycle that looks incredible, it would be so much fun to say "Let's do a 6 hour race" or shorter. Or longer. However it would be sooooo cool if we had that feature. You would probably attract more league racers and people that are stuck with rFactor.
Second, I would really appreciate a feature where you can select the AI cars you want to race with. I would love to race LMP and GT3.. Or also a field of GT3/4/5 would be incredible! And maybe even to select the single car, because when I do AI races in the LMP class I also race against the Sauber C9 , even tough its a cool car it just doesnt fit. This feature would make it so much more enjoyable!

And what I saw bugged:
When you enter pits in Helmet cam it switches to the normal interior view, when driving out it doesnt switch back.
Driver change in Multiplayer is missing.. Why?

Anyway , if someone agrees with me, let me know, ultimate goal would be if SMS would read this and maybe change it! :D